Clinton Foundation & Terrorism

The Clinton’s are no better than terrorists who surround themselves with innocent human shields for protection.


This morning I was watching a piece from MSNBC and they were talking down to their viewers like always. The topic related to the Clinton Foundation and how could anyone condemn the good work they do over the recent corruption connecting them to the State Dept and pay for play?

I’m sure MSNBC was targeting this narrative to the younger crowd that didn’t experience the first Clinton Presidency with the corruption, failed policies and disgrace that went along with it.

Most of us understand how the Clinton’s operate in that gray area where it’s hard to nail them down on any illegal activity. They are masters of hiding corruption and distancing themselves from any shady activities that could come back to haunt them. Those who could connect them to nefarious acts usually experience a higher rate of suicide.

So once again the Clinton’s and their foundation are caught maneuvering around in the gray area they love so much while MSNBC asks the viewer how they could be so heartless towards the great work being done here?

Do not be fooled by this “classic” Clinton media spin move. Ask yourself why are they taking the attention off their shady activities and focusing on your sympathy towards helping others in need? Why are you now the person that’s against helping others and making the world a better place?

Remember, this is how the Clinton’s operate. They take the attention off them and place it on you. They hide behind a wall of human shields just like any terrorist group because they know decent Americans will not condone attacking innocent victims.